Jan 04, 2024

Kevin Monserrat, CEO of TokenSphere, discusses the evolving role of tokenization in finance, highlighting its challenges, potential benefits, and the need for fund administrators to adapt to this technological shift.

Dec 18, 2023

 How to get startedKevin Monserrat, CEO of TokenSphere, delves into the crucial role of blockchain in asset management, offering a roadmap for fund administrators to navigate and capitalise on this technological evolution.

Dec 15, 2023

Kevin Monserrat, CEO of TokenSphere, explores how blockchain technology is revolutionising asset management, urging fund administrators to adopt it for competitiveness and innovation in a rapidly evolving industry.

Dec 14, 2023

Blockchain reshapes fund administration for enhanced efficiency and transparency, writes Kevin Monserrat, CEO of TokenSphere.

Sep 27, 2023

handshake Having managed the ‘beauty parade’ and selected a vendor, what are the considerations for investment managers procuring new software products and services? How can the vendor best manage the handover from ‘wooing’ to delivering, asks Abbey Shasore, CEO, Factbook and Robert Corbally, founder, Hawser Consulting.

Sep 18, 2023

Future, Investment, Data, King, interactive, Investment managers, real time, AI, capital markets, financial services, industry, asset managers, riskIn the 'data is king' era, investment managers must modernise with AI and blockchain or risk obsolescence, writes Simon Brown, senior vice president, head of alpha platform sales, State Street EMEA.